BCBUA UPDATE: Provincial Supervisor of Umpires

November 5, 2020

The BCBUA is pleased to announce that Steve Boutang’s term as the Provincial Supervisor has been extended for 12 months. His current term will now end on October 1, 2021.

As many of you know, the BCBUA tendered applications for the new term of Provincial Supervisor back in September. At close of the application process, Steve Boutang was the only applicant.

While the BCBUA was in the process of tendering the position of Provincial Supervisor for the term Oct 1, 2020-Sept 30, 2023, Baseball BC proposed to our board that Steve’s term be extended for one year to explore new options around how we might better serve the umpire community and baseball in general. Both the BCBUA board and Steve agreed to this extension.

Because of this extension, the BCBUA has halted its search for the next term’s Provincial Supervisor. The BCBUA has agreed to work with Baseball BC over the next year, to clearly define the role and responsibilities of the Provincial Supervisor and the process by which they are to be selected.

We welcome Steve in the continuance of the great work he has done, and look forward to new opportunities to make our umpire program even stronger!