Online Resources Update: Level 1 Clinic is ready to go! Supplemental content for L2 and L3+ with more to come!

May 25, 2020

BCBUA is pleased to announce that it has published a comprehensive online learning tool for our Level 1 officials.  We have also published supplemental materials for Level 2 and Level 3+ officials which covers advanced topics including batting out of order, code of conduct and mental preparation.

In order to access the resources, please log in, navigate to the Education hub (under YOUR AREA) and select the level you'd like to review.  For our Level 1 officials, the online material will take the place of the offline clinic for 2020 so that you are able to take the field once baseball is back!

More detailed instructions can be found here.

As part of this update, we have also updated the Level 1 Roadmap to Success.  For 2020, the roadmap will include the online clinic option and will allow you to study Level 2 in 2021.  The updated Level 1 Roadmap can be found here.