2021 Waiver Requirements

May 25, 2021

Links to the waivers for 2021, and the process for submitting them, can be found at the following link (members only - log in first!): https://bcbua.ca/covid-19

For more detail, the following update has been provided by the BCBUA board of directors:

One of the issues last year with COVID-19 was that every organization had a requirement that participants, including umpires, were required to sign their custom waiver of liability and release form.  This resulted in umpires who umpired games in a variety of leagues having to sign multiple releases and was generally inconvenient.

BCBUA took up this issue with Baseball BC, with the result that Baseball BC has prescribed a form of release that is intended to be suitable to all of its members, and each of those members has at least informally accepted the terms.  BCBUA has asked that this acceptance be done in writing so that there is no doubt about it, and so that every individual umpire will be able to sign one waiver and be confident that this will be sufficient for them to umpire a game irrespective of the league.  No one participating will be allowed to do so without having signed this release.  Signing the waiver and release is a condition for participants being insured under Baseball BC's liability insurance policy.

Baseball BC members include :  BC Minor, Little League, Babe Ruth, PBL, and of course BCBUA.  See the full list of local associations that are affiliated with those members at https://www.baseball.bc.ca/memberlist.

The waiver is very broad, and covers all communicable diseases including COVID-19, as well as other foreseeable risks, including negligence.  It is intended for every person who signs it to assume their own risk and liability for participating, and not expect to have someone else be responsible.  It can be expected that this will be an ongoing requirement in future years.

BCBUA will be following up to ensure that the appropriate approval of the release form is formally approved by all Baseball BC members, but if you encounter any issues, please let me know.

Les Maerov



email:  secretary@bcbua.ca